Balancing Act

Here we are, welcome to 2016! I've set my sights high, and want to succeed.

Unfortunately, I already have some hurdles in front of me that I need to get over before I can begin my full journey for the year. 

I went for a trail run the other day -- nothing new for me, it was a typical route -- but when I finished, I felt a dull pain in my groin, a new place for pain I've never felt before. Am I getting old, am I overextending myself, is it something else? I decided to go out on a short 3 mile run the next morning, and the pain persisted, and something new started: my peroneal tendon in my right foot was tender, the same tender that began my downfall last January in my left foot. Is January cursing me?

I took the next day off, only hopping on my bike for a quick grocery run, but the pain persisted to the next day. I took that day off as well, resting, using IcyHot, and staying OFF my feet. All I kept thinking was, please let this just be minor.

I woke up the next morning and the pain was gone, but still took the day off. I have notoriously pushed myself beyond my limits even when I'm injured. But new year, new me. I'm listening to my body, adjusting my workouts, and focusing on full body health, not just how fast and how far I can run.

The pain is still subsided, and I think I might test out a short, slow run tomorrow morning. If it still hurts, I'll walk home and take another 2 days off. Here's to new challenges in the new year!

Does anyone else have recurring injuries that flare up at certain times of the year? I wonder if mine is due to poor circulation in my feet (due to a diagnosed condition) or it truly is just over use...

xoxo Katie