Snow Days, Trail Days

It snowed, I'm excited...

But first, an update from the last few weeks: 

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will be all too familiar with my recent struggle with reoccurring foot injuries. I've been sidelined by tendon issues in my right (and now left) foot for the past few weeks, which has put my mileage and moral down.

In keeping with my new years goals of not over exerting myself when injuries come knocking at my door, I have shifted pretty substantially to pool time. As a former competitive swimmer, this isn't actually that bad for me, and has me dreaming of triathlon goals again! 

I love swimming in the pool, the countless laps have always been both exhausting and therapeutic at the same time. I have a lot to think about when I'm under water, and can get my thoughts and ideas in line while not having to focus on avoid tree branches, roots, or stream crossing like I do out on the trails. The only big issue with the pool is my chlorine allergy... which is pretty amusing considering I did swim for 15 or so years. But, whats a migraine between friends?

Transitioning Back to Running

It's been about 3 weeks since I pulled myself off the trails, and have only gone on short 3-4 mile runs a handful of times. Not pace pushing, no distance pushing, no elevation pushing -- just me out there with one foot in front of the other.


We had an epic snow storm this past week, dumping 2+ feet of snow on DC in less than 48 hours. What does that mean? TRAIL TIME!

Back in 2014, I snagged some crampons from a Norwegian lady while I was backpacking in the Himalaya (more on that if anyone is interested), and I figured this was the perfect time to get them back out. Strapping on the spikes I hit the fresh powder for 4 epic miles through Rock Creek Park -- the best decision I have made in a long time.

The solitude of the trails, serenity of the snow, and beauty of the landscape sucked me in. I was back in my element, back on the trails, feeling strong, powerful, and full of energy. With the snow, I couldn't push myself too hard or else I would have rolled an ankle -- or worse -- but the workout was that much more intense due to the soft surface I was working with.

Now that I've had some time off to rest and recuperate, and feeling very much rejuvenated by the jaunt through the snowy trails, I think its about high time I got back on to the serious training wagon. Here's to easing back in -- starting with ~20-25 miles this week -- then building back up for (hopefully) my first Ultra this April!!!

Stay warm out there, friends!

xoxo - Katie