The Start of Something New

For the past few years, I’ve dreamt of writing and publishing information on the role of water in individual’s livelihoods. Water is key to life, without it, we do not survive.

In 2014, I traveled to Nepal to spent a month in the country soaking up as much information as I could. My travels were originally part of a self-discovery trip – I was tired of the campaign lifestyle I lived, the high-stress environment and fast paced nature of campaigning 24/7, 365 days a year. What I returned from that trip with was an invigorated new direction for my life, one that encompassed learning and action in a way I had never felt a pull to act on before.

From the high Himalaya to the lowland Terai, I traveled the country, experiencing both high class travel and leisure along with daily labor at a local NGO. In the mountains, water could be heard rushing down the valleys in the milky blue hue of glacial melt. In the Terai, water flowed through the floodplain in the Rapti and Gandaki rivers, feeding an incredibly diverse floral and fauna environment. From rice paddies to apple orchards, tea to wheat, Nepal’s agriculture was as varied as it’s ecosystems.

This trip inspired much of my graduate studies – where I focused on the interaction between humans and the environment, with a focus on how changes in our climate are likely to impact both. I looked at adaptation strategies that Nepalis are taking to cope with changes, fluency on the changes that are occurring, and the fate of subsistence agricultural communities in the short and long-term future.

My work has expanded beyond just Nepal, out into the greater Ganges River System, of which Nepal is 100% encapsulated within. My hope is to bring some new and unique information to my readers who might not know much about this region, and expand my readers worldviews to a place I hold dearly in my heart.

Join me as I dig into a broad diversity of topics. Let’s go!